Set Your Out of Office … ?-?-?

Set Your Out of Office … ?-?-?

Bored of Social Distancing, desperate to be back in the peloton? Are you dreaming of what you might be doing when this is all over?

Thankfully, here at pie, we’re now receiving enquiries and taking bookings for September and October of this year.  What better way to give a focus on the future, a reason to stay in shape, than an event to shake all this off and bring your team back together?

In order to make sure you get what you need from an event, we’ve taken the Covid stress out of 2020 event planning and modified our contracts so you don’t have to commit to an event until we all know it can go ahead. We can hold a date for you, hold options on hotels, etc and in a few months’ time when the planning is done, the recruitment is in hand, the business and charitable objectives are within reach, you could finally be on that event!

Whether you are interested in a UK event or need to be sure of the sun, September and October are great times to travel. In the UK, an Indian summer in September can give you long balmy days of cycling while enjoying our stunning scenery. For bigger budgets and more adventurous spirits Portugal, Spain and the south of France make excellent destinations with the heat taken off the cols and a cool sea breeze making climbs seem easy. Or of course there is always that tried and tested Mallorca! Have a look here for routes and rides that might be suitable at that time of year.

We all know cycling is a great solo exercise but isn’t it made just that much better when we are in it together?

Remember – keep apart now so we can get together later!