So You’d Like to Cycle to….

So You’d Like to Cycle to….

FREE Webinar: How to Organise an AWESOME Bike Ride

As spring turns to summer, attention is turning to the longer days. With sales of bikes up a whopping 677% and one of the busiest days in the activity calendar, June 20th, the longest day of the year, now empty, we are looking at ways of making up for lost time. The less constrained world we are now going into is one where businesses need rebuilding, relationships need to be rekindled, and supply chains ignited once again.

With bike ownership soaring, now is the time for a bike ride to be part of the solution. All of us who have been working from home or furloughed, will be grateful for the opportunity to meet real people once more, to chat, exchange experiences and move forward in our working lives. Riding a bike with fellow cyclists ticks many boxes. It’s outdoors (which means it can be offered as a relatively safe sport), it can be adapted for all skill levels, its kind to the environment, and a whole host more.

To help get you started, we are hosting a webinar on how to organise a bike ride on July 7th at 11am.

We’ll be covering subjects such as finances, routes, insurance, support, etc. Register your interest here:

If you know of someone else who would benefit from the webinar, feel free to invite them along.

We look forward to seeing you then!