The M Check & Our FREE Event Webinar

The M Check & Our FREE Event Webinar

The M Check

With bike ownership soaring, now is the time for companies and charities to really get on board the 2 wheel revolution.

If you are one of the thousands of people who have just discovered cycling due to the pandemic, or have had a bike for a while and are silently praying for it to get you to your destination and not break down, we have a little gift for you, “The M Check“. Check out this video to help you get acquainted with your bike:

FREE Webinar: How to Organise an AWESOME Bike Ride

Cycling is just such a great way to meet people, chat and exchange experiences and riding a bike with fellow cyclists ticks many boxes. It’s outdoors (which means it can be offered as a relatively safe sport), it can be adapted for all skill levels, its kind to the environment, and a whole host more. To see how 2 wheels can be part of your companies networking, CSR, or fundraising solutions we’ve put together a webinar:

We are hosting a webinar on how to organise an AWESOME bike ride on July 7th  at 11am.

We’ll be covering subjects such as finances, routes, insurance, support, etc. Register your interest here:

If you know of someone else who would benefit from the webinar, feel free to invite them along.