Ride La Dolce Vita

Ride La Dolce Vita

Italy means something different to each person who visits. For some it is food, starting the day with a cappuccino and ending it with a grappa. For others it is hill top villages perched precariously visible for miles around. For everyone it is that special blend of blend of rustic and style you don’t get anywhere else.

Mare-a-mare Italy coast to coast bike cycle

For us it is about not compromising and having it all from our vantage point on two wheels. We have ridden from Oxford to Venice, through 7 countries, to raise funds for Hertford College Oxford; we have started a ride at sea level just outside Venice, to summit the mighty Stelvio for Deutsche Bank and their charity partner Meningitis.org; we have sweated around the Milan-San Remo (in 2 days not one!) for companies and charities; we have crossed Italy through Umbria and Tuscany on a coast to coast ride (or more accurately a mare a mare ride) in 3 days for Action.org.

Monte Petrano Sign

Italy has it all. If you fancy a taste of La Dolce Vita, get in touch to see how you too can sweep through the medieval city of Siena bound for Florence, or summit the beautiful Mont Petrano like so many in the Giro before them, and end your day with an aperitivo in a beautiful hill top square with a uniquely Italian view.

Beautiful Italy for Cyclists

If you have a group interested in a ride like this, get in touch on info@pieevents.co.uk or 01932 460090