pie Awarded B Corps Business Status

pie Awarded B Corps Business Status

If you are looking to make sure your events provider has the highest sustainability and eco- friendly credentials look no further! We are delighted to announce we are now a fully accredited B Corps business!

B corporatoion status. Rider celebration on the beach.

B Corps is a global system of accreditation measuring in fine detail, a business’s effect on the environment, the community, their employees, their governance, and how they work with their customers.

Certified B Corporation; this company meets the highest standards of social and environmental impact

We have submitted ourselves to a full and open analysis of our policies, ethos, and procedures and when we say we are accredited – we smashed it!

pie overall company score = 107.8

(Average UK Company score = 80)

pie environment score = 10.2

(Average Environment score for our sector = 4.6)

pie customer score = 36.6

(Average Company score in sector = 21.8)


Since its launch in 2006, more than 100,000 businesses have signed up for the B Corp Impact Assessment, yet only 3,500 have been certified which is a testament to its extremely high standards. The certification allows you to spot the brands that have an incredible ethos and are continually striving to do things better – for the planet and the people.

If your plans are for a walk or a bike ride, a company or a charity, in the UK or Europe, we’d love to share our passion for business as a force for good and the kinds of events we deliver.

Have a group interested in a ride or a walk? Get in touch on info@pieevents.co.uk or 01932 460090.