Merry Christmas – What a Year!

Merry Christmas – What a Year!

Looking out of the window at a snowy landscape we are delighted to celebrate getting to the end of 2022 – what a year!

London to Paris - Grocery Aid 2022

Back in January 2022 we were just coming out of the restrictions put on us by the Omicron variant. When the restrictions were lifted on January 27th and people started to peek out from under their masks, the world largely opened up and the floodgates opened. People were desperate to get together!

A couple of months later and we were into the swing of our normal events – or so we thought! The Brexit effect means every European event is now completely different from pre Brexit – customs, carnets, vehicle restrictions, dealing with freight companies. Joy to the World indeed! However, we are fast learners and thorough and are now proud to say we are well versed in every aspect of running a European event. Bring it on!

This year we also won our B Corps accreditation. This is in recognition of the way we treat our environment, our customers, the communities we work in, etc. We are very proud to have smashed the UK average in these 3 sectors in particular which drove up our company score; pie company score = 107.8 (Average UK Company score = 80)

Certified B Corporation; this company meets the highest standards of social and environmental impact

As a result of the above we are expanding and recruiting for a full time role in the office.

As we wrap up 2022, we can share our new video from one of this year’s events and are already looking forward to our first event of 2023 – the bucket list Land’s End to John O’Groats. Sign up here if you are interested!

Google “best new places to ride” or any variation on the theme, and Slovenia is always in the top few road cycling destinations in Europe. We have a few places left on our Tour of Slovenia, home to some of the best cyclists in the world for a reason.

If your plans for 2023 include a walk or a bike ride, for a company or a charity, in the UK or Europe, we’d love to share our passion for business as a force for good and demonstrate the kind of events we deliver. Get in touch on or 01932 460090.

Merry Christmas and here’s to a much calmer 2023!