Case: Unilever

When Mel Jagger, an employee at Unilever, died of a rare form of facial cancer, her colleagues were determined to raise money and awareness for the tiny charity that specialises in that particular form of cancer, GetAhead.

Cycling from Unilever HQ in Leatherhead to Gilwern in Wales where Mel was from, the Miles4Mel bike ride was born. The start and end points meant the cyclists became part of the journey linking Mel’s work life with the person. Unilever, a company that is defined by its brands rather than by its own name, was able to host the start of the ride at their UK HQ, facilitate recruitment, and give their brands the opportunity to “put something back” by donating to keep the event costs low so more of the fundraising went to the charity.

For those unable to make the ride, fundraising activities such as static bike challenges were put in place, wannabe bakers were cajoled into making flapjacks for the cyclists, and 4 years of riding later, the GetAhead / Unilever partnership has meant a massive difference to those with head and neck cancers.

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