• June 26, 2023 - June 30, 2023
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm

The Great British Care Cycle Relay is a 5-day event that aims to raise awareness for care homes across the country. The cycle relay will start in Manchester, travel via Wrexham to finish at a landmark in London, passing a baton between care homes along the way.

To celebrate the length and breadth of care homes across the country participating in Care Home Open Week, the inaugural ‘Great British Care Cycle Relay’ will see supporters cycling from north to the south, visiting care homes along the way that are at the heart of each community across the country.

The cycle relay will fly the Championing Social Care flag high, passing on a travelling ‘baton’ between care homes throughout the week to reach a landmark destination in London. The cycle relay is expected to attract some of the largest participation of its kind with care teams, suppliers, friends and supporters, cycling short routes between each participating Care Home. Further details will be shared in due course along with information on how to take part in this milestone event.



  • Ride led by pie guides
  • Refreshment stops on route during the ride
  • Guides at a ratio of approximately 8-10 cyclists to one pie guide
  • Gels and electrolyte tablets
  • Support vehicles with bike spares, bike tool kits, first-aid kits, fresh water, sunscreen, etc

Who are pie?

pie are unique in the industry offering only bespoke guided rides for companies, charities and groups of individuals.

pie Guides

Groups will be led by pie guides familiar with the terrain and who will help cyclists of all abilities complete the challenge.

  • Our guided rides make sure we offer the very best care to our cyclists
  • All of our guides are experienced cyclists. They range from ex-professional racers to keen amateurs and all are very used to guiding groups of differing abilities, experience and skill
  • Our guides will navigate their small group from start to finish
  • They are on hand to help with mechanical work so there is no waiting around for a mechanic’s van
  • Many pie guides are first aid trained
  • Cyclists can change groups (up or down) at any time during the day
  • Learn more about our guides, leaders and medics


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Great British Care Cycle Relay?

Care Home Open Week provides recognition that at the heart of almost every community across the nation, there is a thriving care home bringing the community together. To celebrate this, we will this year be launching the Inaugural Great British Care Cycle Relay. As the name suggests, this will be a national effort, putting our feet to the pedal, flying the Social Care flag high and riding across the country to visit different care communities. From North to South, over 5 days, we are hoping to travel close to 300 miles, stopping at care homes along the way and at each point passing on the baton for others to continue the journey. We are hoping at each stop care home teams, suppliers, friends, family and well wishers will join the journey and unleash in their inner cyclist.

When is it taking place?

The cycle relay will be a 5 day ride starting on 26th June 2023 and reaching its final destination on 30th June 2023.

What is the route for the Cycle Relay?

The official route will start in Manchester on 26th June, prior to which the Social Care flag will have already travelled across the Scottish Borders to reach Manchester. Following the firing of the start gun, the first batch of cyclists will travel through Cheshire to reach North Wales on the first day. The following days will then cover the picturesque landscapes of Shrewsbury, Shropshire, West Midlands, Worcestershire, Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire, and then finishing in Central London where we are planning a Great British warm welcome to the travelling social care baton and cyclists.

Below is a summary of the locations and approximate distances covered each day:

DateLocationDistance (Miles)
June 24thManchester to Lostock Gralam (AM)17.6
June 24thLostock Gralam to Chester (Lunch)22.6
June 24thChester to Wrexham (Finish)18
June 25thWrexham to Shrewsbury (AM)31.4
June 25thShrewsbury to Telford (Lunch)18
June 25thTelford to Dudley (Finish)25.5
June 26thDudley to Redditch (AM)23
June 26thRedditch to Evesham (Lunch)18
June 26thEvesham to Chipping Norton (Finish)25.8
June 27thChipping Norton to Bicester (AM)20.3
June 27thBicester to Stokenchurch (Lunch)24.4
June 27thStokenchurch to Maidenhead (Finish)17.2
June 28th Maidenhead to Shepperton (AM)20.5
June 28thShepperton to Thames Ditton (Lunch)7
June 28th Thames Ditton to Kensington (Finish)13.7

What time will each leg of the ride start?

Riding will start each day at around 9am, with an aim to reach the first stop of the day by midday. We will break for lunch for an hour or so to then continue thereafter around 1pm finishing the day around 4pm, to enjoy the reception thereafter.

How long are we expected to be riding for?

Each leg of c. 20-30 miles, will take approximately 2 – 3 hours max if going at a steady pace. We will try to keep everyone together as a group and therefore will aim to keep the pace at one that can be achieved by the whole group.

Can I ride for more than one leg of the route?

To give as many people the opportunity to join the ride, we are encouraging all to ride for only one of the legs. However those that are budding cyclists and keen to do more, we can accommodate a few to do a full day of cycling too.

How do I get back after completing a leg of the route?

We have made each stop relatively easy to get back to your starting location using public transport, however we would encourage all riders to ensure they have done the research and made their own plans to return back after the ride.

Can anyone join the relay?

In short, yes, any adult (over 18) can join the ride, however we are particularly encouraging participation from those that work or are associated with social care. You can join any leg of the ride, however for health and safety reasons, we have limited the number of riders per leg to a maximum of 12.

How do I register for the ride?

You can register by going to and selecting the Great British Care Cycle Relay tab in the drop down menu. You will be required to complete the registration form with all your details to secure a spot. There are only 12 spots per leg so do register quickly. If a leg is full, you can still try for any other legs along the route.

Do I need my own bike?

Yes, you will need access to a bike to take part in the relay. While a road bike is preferred, any bike will be fine to use. Please remember that for the ride a helmet will be required to be worn throughout.

Do I need to be a good cyclist to join?

Cyclists of all abilities are encouraged to join. You should be able to cycle independently and be ready to cover a distance of at least 25-30 miles. The ride will be supported by a professional team and support vehicle, who will be on hand to assist when required.

Will food and drink be provided?

Each leg of the route will be finishing at a selected care home that will be organising a Great British welcome to the riders with a fun reception and catered spread of food and drinks for all riders. However, we do advise all riders to ensure they plan to have plenty of water on their bikes and any small snacks that may keep the energy going.

Do I need any special clothing?

Any comfortable clothing is fine, though do not shy away from sporting the lycra too! If you have not cycled for a while, the saddle can be something to get used to. There are many cycling outlets that can recommend some appropriate cycling shorts and tops if required.  We are expecting warm weather for the ride so light clothing, comfortable trainers or cycling shoes, and plenty of sun screen is advised. We are hoping to also have available a branded top that can be available to those participating, which further details will be shared about later.

Will we be passing on an actual baton?

As with any relay race, each cycling group will carry a special baton representing the length and breadth of care homes participating in Care Home Open Week. The baton will be kept safe throughout the ride and presented at each transfer stop along the route. Think of it like the Olympic Torch travelling across the country!

The official route doesn’t cover my area, can I still participate in the Great British Care Cycle Relay?

As this is the inaugural event and we have only 5 days to ride, there is unfortunately only so much of the country that can be covered in the official ride. However, those that are keen to join are always welcome to travel and register to join any of the routes stops. Outside of the official route, we are encouraging care homes in all regions to use this as an opportunity to connect with other care homes in their own respective area and plan your own mini relay to visit each other and give a big high five as we Champion Social Care across the country. Please refer to the ‘Mini Relay’ guide to help plan your own local relay.

We have been selected as a care home to welcome the cyclists on route. What do we need to prepare?

Wonderful that you have been selected to have the relay visit your care home. This will be a very memorable experience and hopefully one that will attract some great attention too. As a host for welcoming the cyclists, we hope you can bring out the bunting, wave the flags, and turn up the music to cheer the group on as they arrive to your care home. Lets make this a true celebration of Social Care and if possible organise a great reception to include entertainment, invite family and friends, as well as supporters, suppliers and any local Dignitaries to join in the celebration. As the cyclists will have burnt a few calories by then, we hope you can put on a spread of light refreshments for all to enjoy and an opportunity for them to share their experiences of their ride. For those receiving the group at lunchtime, when the time arrives, you will also have the pleasure of giving a warm send off to the new group of cyclists who will take the baton onto the next care home. You will be assigned a point of contact from the welcome team for any further questions you may have about the reception.

Whether you join the official route or simply take an afternoon out during Care Home Open Week to cycle around the Care Homes near you, we hope you will join so many others as we unleash the inner cyclists in us, and together pedal our way to shine a spotlight on care services at the heart of every community across the nation.

For more information:

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