Ed has spent a huge amount of time in his life on two wheels – and when he is in a vehicle it is usually in a role supporting cyclists!

From a young age, living in the countryside, he rode his bike for daily transport whilst enjoying a range of outdoor activities including hiking expeditions, canoeing, sailing, gliding and instructing on high ropes courses.

Riding a motorbike took over for a while, and it was riding the motorbike as safety support on road races and triathlons that brought him back to road cycling. He is a keen club social rider and qualified Ride Leader, known for planning and leading the longer rides and multi-day trips.

A skilled mechanic and general problem-solver, Ed combines this love of two wheels and spends much of the warmer months working on trips as route planner, logistics support, driver, rep and guide.

Professionally Ed is a trained accountant, who coaches entrepreneurs and executives.”