Jim Mcconnel

Jim started working on events with Tina and Paul in 2006 and has done many full seasons with them since, working as a Bike Guide, Tour Leader and Tea Maker. He has travelled Europe far and wide with the team from Berlin in the East, Arezzo in the South, Granada in the West and strangely only Windermere in the North. Fringe skills include knowing all available parking spaces for minibuses at the Arc de Triomphe and having thumbs for tyre levers when it comes to fixing punctures.

He has a keen interest in both road and mountain bikes and has raced for over 20 years in many related sports including Offroad Triathlon on a world circuit. Amongst his other interests, Jim is a Level 1 BTF Coach and a qualified Sports Therapist and brings related advice to clients and staff on events. Check out www.trijim.co.uk or @therealtrijim if you want to find out more about that stuff.

Jim now balances a busy career in the Bike Industry with a bit of triathlon racing and this means he works only a limited number of events for P.I.E. You can be sure that if he’s along that he’ll have a word of encouragement to help you on your journey.

Jim McConnel