Matthew Everton

Matthew has been around bikes for as long as he can remember. As a child, he used to sit on the handlebars or crossbars of his elder brothers’ bikes. Then he got a bike of his own to disappear on childish adventures around town.

Since those times he has ridden and raced in most disciplines, mostly road, MTB and Cyclocross. Nowadays his time on the bike has been swapped from the frantic fast paced excitement of racing to bike packing, gravel riding and overseas trips.

When he’s not riding, he’s tinkering, as a qualified cycle mechanic He’s been fortunate enough to work with UCI teams during the Tour of Britain and French races, supporting riders during RAAM the long-distance coast to coast race across America. But sometimes the most challenging tasks have been supporting clients during domestic and overseas events and trips.

Bikes are a big part of his life, and he likes nothing more than to help others develop and achieve their goals and challenges along the way.

You’ll probably find him on or with a bike somewhere where the sun is shining, and the views are breathtaking. He’ll see you on road either rough or smooth…