Mikey Waterjohns

Mikey has loved riding bikes since 5 year old. Any excuse to be on his bike, Mikey will use it. Being lucky enough to grow up and still live in the countryside of Somerset, Mikey evolved through various forms of ‘chunky tyre’ bikes until too big for BMX. Fortunately the mountain bike was just making its appearance in the UK and Mikey adopted this with a passion, never understanding the appeal of the ‘skinny tyre’ bikes. That is until 2000 when he was tempted into ‘the dark side’.

Although he still has just the same love as ever for  mountain biking, Mikey has embraced road cycling in a big way and loves the speed, fitness and camaraderie that it gives him. He now races in many forms of the sport, on and off road!

Despite running M-Tech, a classic ‘Mini’ car restoration and custom builds business – www.m-tech-cars.co.uk, Mikey is delighted to be part of PIE and happy to find the excuse to put his tools down and jump on his bike to offer guidance and support to others in any way possible.