Simon (Scoops) Cooper

To say cycling is a part of Scoops is a bit of an understatement because all he really does is to think, breath and ride bikes!

His first bike was a £99 hybrid from a garden centre. Scoops got into both social riding and the mountain bike cross-country racing scene including 24hr endurance events. After years of getting muddy, wearing out chains, brake pads and sprockets, Scoops began to tire of the whole mountain bike thing. The natural progression was a road bike. The road bike has been a transformation for Scoops allowing further distances to be covered, more to see and of course the café scene has now also become apparent.

Scoops is in a very fortunate position to be able to work as a Cycle Guide in the UK, France, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Italy and the best place of all, Majorca! His ongoing challenge is to fit in cycle guiding around other roles that include a British Cycling cycle instructor, Driving Instructor and Telecoms Trainer.