Steve Marston

Despite Steve being a keen cyclist as a youngster, bikes inevitably ended up taking a back seat to his work and family life. Whilst there was always one in the shed the opportunity to ride it became a holiday only rather than regular thing. That all changed in his mid-forties when a friend suggested a bike ride from London to Paris for charity might be a good idea, so 20 years on from the last decent bike ride he could remember, planning started for the ride of his life. More than ten years have passed since then and that London to Paris ride became the first of five (so far). He also did many other iconic events like the Etape du Tour, Tour of Flanders, Welsh Dragon, Coast to Coast Wales, Coast to Coast England and dozens of other Sportives and Charity Rides.

Bad weather will never put him off, you’ll find him tuning the pedals week-in, week-out throughout the year. In fact, he’s become such a devotee that he now works part-time only so he can dedicate even more time to the bike (or bikes to be more accurate, a bigger shed has also become necessary as a result of his obsession). Endurance rather than speed is the name of the game for him with distances of 150-200 miles in a day not uncommon and at 57 years of age, 6’3” tall and weighing in at over 15 stone, Steve describes himself as living proof that anyone can be a half-decent cyclist. “You don’t have to look like a pro to enjoy yourself on a bike. Just a bit of enthusiasm and a goal or two to aim for can make all the difference and will quite possibly change your life”.

A long-time supporter of the charity GroceryAid, Steve was first introduced to PIE when he took part in the first of his London to Paris rides on their behalf.

“I was so impressed by the atmosphere the PIE team created, the support and the fantastic organisation that I wanted nothing more than to join them which I’m delighted now to have done. I’m looking forward to inspiring a few more folk like myself into getting out on their bikes, believing in themselves and crossing the finish line with a huge smile and sense of great achievement”.