Tina Makin

Having spent a life time adventuring around the world, it was only natural for Tina to end up in the adventure travel business starting Tall Stories Adventure Holidays in 1991.

Offering small group high thrill sports, Tall Stories were approached by a few charities looking for a different kind of fundraiser which lead to us offering one off guided charity events – the high ratio of guides to clients coming from the adventure sports industry.

Although Tina was known to lead the odd mountain bike ride in Spain, the French Alps and Austria for Tall Stories, on road riding had to wait until Tall Stories started running London to Paris bike rides as corporate events.

Having hung up her wheels, and her running shoes (after 5 marathons), her passions are now scuba diving, marine conservation (especially sharks), and training Reef (named after black tipped reef sharks) the Pointador (a Pointer x Lab) to do tricks and agility.