Treks & Hikes


Although we are known for our bespoke cycling events, we also offer hikes and treks – and have been doing so for years! Many of our customers just want to do an event with pie, so we make it happen no matter what it is.

We can offer hikes, treks and walks in beautiful locations around the UK and Europe or we can mix them with a bike ride, increasing the appeal of your event. Since we offer bespoke group hikes and treks, you can take any of the below and tailor them as your own.  Or if you already know what you want, just get in touch on

We offer amazing group bespoke hikes and treks throughout the UK and Europe tailoring everything we do to your needs. But, with all of Western Europe to choose from, how do you decide where to go ? Do you want to go high and bag some peaks or is the journey more important to you, enjoying ever changing cultures and landscapes along the way? Do you need to go at a certain time of year such as October and can enjoy the sunshine in Portugal? Do you just have a finite number of days to fit your trek into and are drawn to the one day Yorkshire 3 Peaks, or can you dedicate a week to trekking the Tramuntana in Mallorca ?

Whatever your motivation, timings, budgets, group size, we can create a trek for you.


If you would like to know more about us and what events we can do for you, get in touch.
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