National Three Peaks


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pie is an events company delivering amazing bespoke events throughout the UK and Europe. We create, develop, manage, operate and deliver fully supported guided group events for companies, charities and groups of individuals.  All to your specific brief.

Hiking the National Three Peaks, the highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales. Over 48hrs, 24hrs, or at your leisure.

Guided hike

Trekking over 34km and 3,000m

Fully supported with medics, vehicles, drivers, all food and accommodation if required

Route can be started in either Wales or Scotland


This event can either be started from Snowdonia, or from Fort William. It can be completed over 48hrs to enjoy hiking each peak during the day time, and have accommodation between each peak. Alternatively, it be can completed over a 24hr period, which requires a night time hike.

You will be hiking up to 34km in total, with over 3000m elevation. At the end of each climb our support vehicle will be waiting for you and your team to transport you to the base of the next climb. During this time you will have the opportunity to sleep, eat and change clothes.

Once you have completed the final peak, a hot shower will be waiting for you at your accommodation.




Interested? Please contact us for more details. Call 01932 460090 or email and download the event summary sheet.


pie delivers fully supported events throughout the UK and Europe.

Every event is designed completely to your needs so your clients, no matter what standard they are, will have a fabulous time.

We’re known for our efficiency, integrity, and our passion to get it right. From your 1st contact with us, to the last participants departure, we will make your event as effortless and awesome as possible.

Your hikers will be led in small groups of similar standards by our team of amazing guides, who are in turn supported by our experienced crew of tour leaders and medics.

The end result is stunning scenery, challenging ascents, incredible descents, perfect hotels, great food, like minded company.

In short, an amazing hike.

Download the Summary Sheet for more details