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pie: bespoke guided rides

We’re unique in the industry as we only offer bespoke guided rides. It’s all we do.  We develop and deliver fully supported guided rides for companies, charities and groups of individuals, around the UK and Europe, all to your specific brief.

Nothing else.

We start with an idea. It could be your unique idea or it could be an existing pie event which we make yours. Fancy cycling between your offices in the UK, or between different country offices like London to Amsterdam or Brussels or Paris or even Barcelona? Got a need for speed and a group full of climbing legs desperate to crank it out up a hill? Have you got a highly relevant landmark to cycle to or from? Or, as a charity, have you got a keen corporate supporter with offices in the perfect setting for a start or finish?

To these tender embryonic ideas, we add a heap of logistical expertise looking at daily mileage, route options, road surfaces, angle of ascents, transfer of bikes and luggage. As we build the bones of the event we add on great food and accommodation, then refreshment stops filled with nutritious treats.

As we get closer to a fully formed event it is recce’d, then the pie crew are carefully chosen for your cyclists – fast or slow, patient or driven – all with a passion for delivering the perfect ride.

And finally the big day arrives. Anticipation builds over coffees, the chat starts, the smiles are real, and the wheels are spinning.

Got an idea looking for a home?

I am still basking in the glow of a wonderful ride” 40tude cycle ride, Andalucía


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Rides for All Abilities

By offering various route options per day we ensure everyone’s enjoyment, irrespective of their ability. On a multi-day point to point ride we make sure all abilities are catered for by booking accommodation at the right minimum distance. If you need more revolutions to get your thrills we add in loops to give you what you want.

Accommodation for All Tastes

You know your employees and supporters best. It should be up to you to choose the standard of accommodation you would like to offer, the most relevant start and finish points, the difficulty of climbs and daily distances. So we listen, then we deliver.

The Guide Advantage

We believe guided rides are the one stop shop for cycling enjoyment. Guides allow navigational freedom, mechanical solutions, and even 1st aid help. We specialise in guided rides, setting industry standards with 1 pie guide for approximately 8-10 cyclists. Got 50 cyclists? We’ll divide them into 5 groups of like-skilled cyclists on routes which are suitable for them.

Matched to Your Ambition

Our guides are mostly riders who have competed at a high level in their discipline and want to share their passion. They are carefully chosen to lead the most appropriate groups.  If you want frequent latte and chat stops and less sweating up a climb, we’ll chose a like thinking guide for your group. If you can’t get enough of the vertical ascent, or it isn’t a ride unless you’re KOM, you’ll be led by some of Britain’s ex-champions.

Expert Event Design

Whether you are looking at a multi-day trip from London to Berlin, a relay from Land’s End to John O’Groats, or a one day circular sportive, we’ll design various routes for you to keep all of your cyclists happy, plus take care of all the logistics.

Experience Excellence

We care because it’s important and our client list backs that up. Whether you are a firm of city banks, solicitors, retailers, manufacturers, charities or any other group of cyclists, we treat everyone with the same passion for excellence you deserve.

Good morning Tina. Just a note to thank everyone for superbly organised Cycle for Cities Bike Ride. The organisation in the lead up to and during the day was seamless… The fact that the day went without incident is a tribute to the thinking, planning and execution on the part of the Novo Nordisk and pie teams.” NovoNordisk Cycle for Cities Changing Diabetes

Have an idea? Need some inspiration? We’re here to help.